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redness of eyes

Redness of eyes – What NOT to do?

Redness of  eye – what NOT to do ?

Have you come across situation like this ?

Many time following experiments happens told by Consultant ophthalmologist iCare Clinic Pashan

What do you Do ?
  1. Wash your eyes
  2. Rub your eyes
  3. Wait for 1 to 2 days
  4. Start putting any eye drop at home
  5. Go to chemist buy eye drops advised by him.
  6. put chloroaplicap ( done in the childhood )
  7. Apply dry /wet heat
  8. put onion /ginger etc juice
  9. Go to a person who is asking few rupees ( not a qualified doctor)


Answer is NO…….

What happens  after doing all above ? experiments ? remedies.

Your redness worsens then you visit to Ophthalmologist asking nothing will happen to my eyes na doctor……..

We will discuss effects of above ?therapies ?experiments in detail for redness.

  1. Washing of your eyes for redness gives temporary relief only.
  2. Rubbing of eyes with foreign body causes more damage. This kind of redness  with foreign bodies causes corneal injuries.
  3. Waiting causes disease to increase, prone for complications.
  4. If you are putting any drops at home , do you know expiry date of drug? Nobody (except qualified person) can guess weather this drug is helpful or not. You need proper diagnosis for further treatment of redness.
  5. Is chemist qualified person? so the answer. There are known cases of complications due to use of over the counter  medicines. Few drugs causes harm than any help. Please remember this.
  6. Chloroapplicab is used in SPECIFIC conditions of eyes. Never put in any case of redness.
  7. Application of wet / dry heat used in Stye/infection etc not in redness of eyes other than this.
  8. Why to trouble beautiful eyes by putting any juices ( effect is not known/ not proven). They causes more irritation.
  9. Many quacks are available specially in villages. They put tongue/ unsterile instrument to remove so called redness. Feel really sorry for these patients.

You must have understood that for any kind of redness please visit Ophthalmologist as early as possible told by Consultant Ophthalmologist iCare Clinic Pashan Pune

Article By: Dr. Arundhati Pande, iCare Clinic Pashan, Pune


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