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eye relation with health

Eye Relation With Health

5 eye symptoms that can signal a health problem

Your eyes just not show you colors and images but are an excellent gateway to your health. You probably don’t need to examine your whole body but your eyes first because simply by checking eyes, doctors can examine the arteries, veins and nerves and can tell you what’s happening within your body.
In short, to know about your body, know what your eyes are. Small little changes in your eyes and vision can give you lot of insights about your own health and help you ensure that you receive the treatment you need.
Here are some symptoms that your eyes want to be a sign of:
1.      Vision is blur
Blurred vision can be one of the prominent early signs of diabetes. Usually when there is spike in the blood sugar levels the blood vessels leak into the lens that is right behind the iris. As the sugar spikes and the lens swell, the vision starts to smudge.
According to the research, people who have history of constant change of blood supply in blood vessels are more prone to congestive heart failure.
One of the probability doctors predict is the inflammation in the optic nerve that causes blurred vision. Optic nerves are responsible for carrying the impulses from the retina to the brain to interpret it as images. Tenderness in optic nerve can indicate early signs of multiple sclerosis.
Apart from these, blurry vision also indicates a Stroke, Migrane, Brain Hemorrhage, and Psoriasis etc.
2.      Abnormal change in Vision
Sudden change in Vision can be because of glaucoma or age related mascular degeneration. Irregular spots in the eyes can be one of the signals that the retina has begun to detach from the back of the eye.

3.      Night Blindness
Night blindness usually happens if you have eye related diseases like glaucoma, cataracts or retinitis pigmentation. It is a condition that make difficult to see in the low lights.
It also means there is a deficiency of Vitamin A in the body.

4.      Rings
When you start seeing white or yellow rings around your irises , it may be indicating the spike in cholesterol levels or increasing triglycerides. It is a serious indicator for the people who are aged 45 or even younger.

5.      Bulge in eyes
In most cases thyroid is the reason for the bulging eyes. It’s known as Graves’s disease where there is swelling in the eye tissues.
Other reasons for the bulging eyes can be early indicators of cancer, leukemia and other infections.

Timely eye check up from an eye specialist (Ophthalmologist) at iCare Clinic Pashan can curb all your needs for the whole body check up. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Article Courtesy : Dr. Arundhati Pande


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