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diabetes mallitus

Diabetes Mellitus


When this tell a person ( patient ) to Diabetologist, believe me there are many emotional volcanos going in his head.
As a Diabetologist at iCare Clinic Pashan Pune , can understand overflow of emotions. I can relate that I have to face this monster called Diabetes Mallitus.
Why it is happening ?
It is due to lack of insulin or resistance of insulin. Insulin is a harmone secreated by Pancreas. it has special cells to secrete Insulin.
What to do?
Do not panic.
Be stable emotionally.
we have to go together to fight against this monster.
Moniter sugar and HBA1C regularly.
Exercise for 45 min
Healhy food habits
Sleep for 8 hr daily.
Regular eye and retina check up by Ophthalmologist at iCare clinic Pashan Pune.
Have a sweet, healthy, happy  Diabetes journey with  Diabetologist at iCare Clinic Pashan Pune
Article Courtesy: Dr. Suruchi Mandrekar, Consultant  Diabetologist at iCare Clinic Pashan Pune


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