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computer & dry eye

Computer and Dry Eyes

When you work in an office and there are deadlines to meet it can be hard to tear yourself away from your computer. Staying late and desk lunches are just two ways we try to cram all our tasks into one day, and with eye strain from computers a leading cause of dry eyes, it’s no surprise that many of us are affected by this condition said by Consultant Ophthalmologist at iCare clinic Pashan Pune 

Avoiding dry eyes in the office is difficult for contact lens wearers. Your lenses can restrict the amount of oxygen that passes over your eyes, especially if they are made from less breathable materials. Wearing lenses for longer than recommended by your optician and not resting your eyes during the day can also contribute to eye strain and discomfort.

If you’re experiencing dry eyes at work, these handy tips will help you enjoy healthy, hydrated vision.

Which things in the office can cause dry eye discomfort?

Air conditioning and heating

Whether you’ve got the heating on full blast or you like to keep it cool, air-conditioned environments can contribute towards dry eyes. Air-con reduces the level of moisture in the air to avoid causing damp, but your eyes need a certain amount of moisture to replenish their natural tear supply. These tears are essential for keeping your eyes hydrated and comfortable throughout the day.

Office lights also play a part in dry eye discomfort. Dim lighting can make reading trickier, whether you’re looking at important documents or using your computer screen, and might mean you strain your eyes to read.

As with many public spaces, many offices tend to use fluorescent lighting, which causes reflection on computer screens. Glare caused by this reflection is a key contributor to eye strain and dry eyes, so it’s important that the lighting conditions of your office cause as little reflection as possible.

How to avoid dry eyes when you work in an office

Minimise the possibility of glare
Most modern computers have LCD screens and are less reflective than older models. However, if you do find that you’re experiencing glare from your monitor, you should find out from your employer if you can get a different screen or ask for an anti-glare filter.

Your office should be well-lit, balancing both artificial and natural light. When it’s bright outside you shouldn’t need as much interior light, but as it gets dark you should make sure you’re not working in a dark or dull setting. If you’re wearing glasses, they should have an anti-reflective coating to minimise the amount of reflection that you get from both your screen and glasses and reduce the amount of strain you put on your eyes.

Adjust your workstation

You should have a proper distance from computer suggested by Eye specialist at iCare Clinic Pashan Pune.
Take regular breaks
you should take regular breaks like food, snacks, washroom. It is necessary for your eyes to rest.
Putting regular eye drops
Lubricating eye drops are mandatory if you have symptomatic dry eyes.
Consult Ophthalmologist at iCare clnic for detail evaluation.
Article By : Dr. Arundhati Pande, Consultant Ophthalmologist


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