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What is Andropause?
 Andropause is also known as man menopause.
What are changes happen in the body?
After 30 yrs of age in males male hormone decreases one percent every year.
What are the diseases causes Andropause?
  It is seen in diabetics as told by Sexeologist at iCare Clinic Pashan Pune
What are predisposing factors?
   Chronic alcohol use  and tobacco chewer causes Andropause in younger age suggested by Sexeologist at iCare Clinic Pashan Pune
What are environmental factors?
 Male hormone also decreases by aging pollution and stress.
What are the effects?
Because of male hormonal deficiency male suffers from sexual problems or erectile dysfunction lack of desire in sex. These are effects of andropause.

What to do ?

 Sexeologist at iCare Clinic Paashan Pune suggest to go for total testestrone and free active testestrone with TSH .
How to manage?
If low levels male hormone replacement therapy is given depending upon hormonal levels.
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